Call for Postcards: Photography Group Show at PS Mirabel curated by Mark Adams


I am curating an exhibition of photography in Manchester with a component that is linked to my current PhD research and would like photographers to get involved by submitting work. The details are below.

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Exhibition Call
Photography and the postcard.

I am currently curating an exhibition at PS Mirabel Gallery in Manchester and inviting photographers to participate in an exhibition on the theme of ‘transmission.’ The exhibition explores photography as a narrative, transitional activity with an emphasis on themes concerning location, mobility and psychogeography. The exhibition will also explore the medium itself and alternative presentations of photographic images.

Part of the exhibition will involve a presentation of postcards as an alternative form of display. Photographers are therefore asked to send postcards for consideration for exhibition.

Artists and photographers are encouraged to use the postal system to send a postcard that can fit within a standard postbox size. The postcard will feature photographic image(s) on the front in traditional A6 landscape format with the back left free for stamps / postal marks. We have a particular interest in works that explore the following themes.

states of change, nomadism, ambulatory practice, wanderlust, tourism, architecture, a sense of place, the non place, urbanism, psychogeography, the terrain vague, culture, mobility.

What is important is that the work shows visible signs of being in transit – postal stamps indicating location date etc. Photographers are also encouraged to include any marks or writing on the back of the postcard which will provide a personal stamp, signature or mark making as an indication of culture, identity or place from which the postcard is sent. Found postcards might also be appropriated by the artists / photographers submitting. The only restrictions are that the images are photographic in nature and the standard A6 size. Also the definition of the postcard can extend to an A6 print that contains space on the reverse for a message and stamp.

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The picture postcard provides a range of functions – its utilitarian nature facilitates the transmission of messages from distant destinations experienced by the traveler, holidaymaker. This format of display has also become a popular promotional tool for artists. The postcard functions as a tool for communication of linguistic messages yet also a carries aesthetic value and has a strong connection with place or placelessness.

The concept behind this exhibition is a response to the fact that photography as a cultural activity is increasingly becoming a medium of exchange between individuals – a form of dialogue or message. Conversations take place on social media platforms such as instagram and snapchat that use photographic images as a short hand – an alternative to the convention of linguistic communication.

As part of the exhibition selected postcards will appear alongside photographic prints presented using a diverse range of materials and methods of presentation.

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Conditions of entry.

• Entry is free
• Photographers are asked to send two copies of the same card where possible, so both front and back can be displayed simultaneously
• The work can be for sale.
• Photographers set the price but the gallery will take 25% of the profits.
• The postcards should arrive at the below address no later than 22nd February 2016.

PLEASE MAIL TO: Mark Adams, Apartment 17, The Renaissance Development, St Georges Road, Bolton, BL1 2DT, U.K

• The private view will be held on Thursday 25th February 2016 at 6-9 PM at PS Mirabel Gallery, Manchester, England.
• The show will run for 6 weeks.
• The gallery reserves the right to use images on promotional material
• Successful applicants will be announced on the gallery website after 22nd February 2016.
• Unfortunately due to the volumes of submissions expected the cards cannot be returned.

I look forward to seeing your submissions.




Mark Adams



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