Solo Exhibition: Waterways @ Bradford Industrial Museum 19.11.16 -7.1.17


Mark Adams began ‘Waterways’ in 2007 as a self-funded photography project exploring the inland waterways of northern England. Informed by the landscape tradition of English painters and the New Topographic photographers of the United States, the photographs provide both a topographic survey and allegorical exploration of a post-industrial English landscape.

Included in the exhibition are photographs of the South Pennine Ring, a canal network that dissects the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. The transitory canal side routes explored in this project function as a map or guide, rather than drawing attention to the canal as a subject in itself. The selected subject matter and pictorial strategies employed by the photographer elicit historical and economic, as well as topographic narratives

The canal acts as an artery that runs through these locations providing a juxtaposition between pastoral beauty, industrial decline, and economic aspiration. As with many of Mark Adams’ photographs, this exhibition explores the subtle tensions between the synthetic and natural forms that constitute the environment revealed tacitly through walking.

Curator: Liz McIvor

Bradford’s Industrial Museum has permanent displays of textile machinery, steam power, engineering, printing machinery and motor vehicles, along with an exciting exhibitions programme.

Mark Adams is an English photographer and academic. His practice explores themes of travel, nomadism and landscape within the documentary mode of photography. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and public spaces and published in journals on photography and art. Publications include Next Level, Der Greif, Art Monthly UK and Café Royal Books. He is currently represented by Millennium Images and working on a practice based PhD which explores the generative activity of walking as a prime motivation for taking photographs, aligning the pictorial conventions of photography with a phenomenological experience of place. Mark is lecturer in Photography at the University of Bolton, Greater Manchester.



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