Exhibition / Award: GM Art Prize 2017


The GM Arts Prize Exhibition is an exciting new forum for promoting, championing and showcasing the work of artists living in Greater Manchester, as well as bringing arts and business together.

‘The prize originated as a concept by Chamber staff who have academic and practical experience within the arts sector. Our ambition is to create a prize which has regional relevance, as well as national and international significance.

In providing this prize, we hope to help support and retain artists within Greater Manchester. As the UK’s largest Chamber of Commerce, the prize will connect artists with businesses, encouraging creative partnerships.

By presenting this prize at our Annual Dinner, which has been running for over 50 years and attended by over 800 representatives from the business community, we want to provide maximum exposure for the artists.

We want to build a legacy, a prize which Greater Manchester emerging contemporary artists can be proud to say they have won.’

Chamber staff



Artists Statement

Mark Adams is a photographer based in Greater Manchester. His practice explores themes of mobility, nomadism and urban regeneration through the genre of landscape photography. His current work challenges our conditioned view of picturesque scenes, both in regard to what they contain, for whom they are for and how they are depicted.

Working with predominantly film based colour photography Mark is interested in the photograph’s direct and unmediated relationship to places and events and the medium’s potential function as index and agent for critical analysis.

Image Details

This photograph was taken in August 2015 on an island in Greece at the beginning of what has been termed a ‘migrant crisis’ where millions of migrants and refugees crossed into Europe. Photography has played an important role in documenting events surrounding the crisis to the extent that one photographic image of a three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, washed up in Turkey on a failed bid to get to the Greek island of Kos functioned as an agent for a change and signalled a shifting attitude towards the crisis.

The Awards




Mark Adams would like to thank Chamber staff for their support and organization of the events.




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