Transition – PS Mirabel

 An Exhibition of Contemporary PhotographyA3_FLYERIDEAS_LOWThis exhibition explores photography as a narrative, transitional activity examinig a sense of place through landscape or states of change through objects and alternative modes of presentation. The exhibition includes work by the following photographers, designers and artists using photography.

Exhibitors: Ian Beesley /Ben Graville  / Craig Atkinson / Sarah Eyre / Agathe Jacquillat  / Tomi Vollauschek / Marc Provins  / Anna White / Stephen King / Dana Ariel / Mario Popham / Roxana Allison & Pablo Allison / Sandra Ratkovic / Evan Wood / Kieran Boswell / Jenny Karling / Caroline Barker / Jack Doyle / Richard Ward / Michele Friswell / Mark Adams


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Marc Provins



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Roxana Allison & Pablo Allison


As part of this exhibition postcards from international artists working with photography were displayed alongside photographic prints. Artists, photographers and designers were asked to send responses to the following themes – states of change, nomadism, ambulatory practice, wanderlust, tourism, architecture, a sense of place, the non place, urbanism, psychogeography, the terrain vague, culture and mobility mobility.

What is important is that the work showed visible signs of being in transit – postal stamps indicating location date etc. Contributers were  also encouraged to include any marks or writing on the back of the postcard which provided a personal stamp, signature or mark making as an indication of culture, identity or place from which the postcard was sent. Found postcards were also appropriated by some artists . The only restrictions was that the images were photographic in nature and the standard A6 size.

The picture postcard provides a range of functions – its utilitarian nature facilitates the transmission of messages from distant destinations experienced by the traveler, holidaymaker. This format of display has also become a popular promotional tool for artists. The postcard functions as a tool for communication of linguistic messages yet also a carries aesthetic value and has a strong connection with place or placelessness.

The concept behind this part of the exhibition was a response to the fact that photography as a cultural activity is increasingly becoming a medium of exchange between individuals – a form of dialogue or message. Conversations take place on social media platforms such as instagram and snapchat that use photographic images as a short hand – an alternative to the convention of linguistic communication. In a sense, these digital forms of communication are contemporary versions of postcards.

Community Pinhole Project / Jo Howell & The People of Sunderland  (Tyne & Wear)
Paula Adams (Tyneside)
Steph Shipley (Lancashire)
Eric Braithwaite (Cambridge)
Anne Giddings (West Midlands)
Ian Jones (Birmingham)
Phil Toy (Bristol)
Tomi Vollauschek (Europe)
Agathe Jacquillat (Europe)
Sandra Ratkovic (Berlin)
Tanya Ahmed (New York, USA)
Stephan Hack (California, USA)
Mat Hughes (Australia)