Asphalt Flowers

Asphalt Flowers is an ongoing project, a continuation of a recurring theme that i have explored in recent projects – the uncomfortable relationship between nature and culture in landscape photography. In this project I am interested in bringing still life into the landscape focusing on details of flora, either naturally occuring or synthetic. These plants, or their simulacra appear to thrive and defy the urbanization and progressive development of the environment, despite the incursion of manufactured materials and objects.

During this project I researched the materials that are primarily used in processes of urbanization. One of these is Asphalt which is commonly used in the construction of roads.  Naturally occurring asphalt called Bitumen of Judea had also figured in some early attempts to capture images photographically in the 1820’s by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. This indexical link between photographic content and early photographic processes stimulated my interest in the ongoing dialogue between the physical and the representational nature of photography.

These photographs examine how nature thrives and evolves wherever it can, often in seemingly hostile environments. In some of these images the natural and synthetic become interchangeable, as do the genres of still life and landscape photography.




sidewalk_galveston_02 copy

santabarbara_christmas copy








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