Work in Progress


Work in Progress is an ongoing photographic response to human intervention on the environment. Photographed in various regenerated cities across the United States and Europe these landscapes can be viewed as evidence of the exploitation of the boundaries between urban and rural spaces for the purpose of economic expansion. The landscapes explored here through extended walks on foot connote contemporary concerns about the environment as being under threat from over develop­ment and pollution, while providing some consolation in nature’s resilience.

‘It is traditional in urban societies to see nature as a lost paradise. Yet, nature is indifferent to any kind of ethics or esthetics. Nature thrives to survive and develop wherever it can. In contrast, artifacts wither and decay, they can only survive when maintained and repaired.’ 

Danchin, A. A Poorly Understood Dialogue: Nature & Artifice. Sociology & Epistemology (article)

Photographs from  Galveston, Texas, USA / Valencia, Spain / Manchester, UK





‘Beleg’ ya lam, t’a vonga a yineng’ tiga, bassin guiblemdé massem.’

‘If, abused by promising words, the stupid uproots the tree in front of his house, he will have to look for shade farther away.’

Yelboundi möré 



Promotional Sign & Grass – Green Quarter. Manchester M4
The Green Quarter is a new urban development in Manchester. This highly marketed area offers…’ high specification, contemporary urban living’, according to the development’s promotional material

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