Ground Spaces: St Bede’s Pilgrim Trail

The  walk between Wearmouth and Jarrow represents an old pilgrims way between the two twin 7th century monasteries of Wearmouth-Jarrow. Travel between the two places was either undertaken in a coracle by sea or on foot. The path follows riverside tracks and public footpaths over a part-coastal route in the footsteps of the saints of Wearmouth-Jarrow.


Image links (below) show my personal journey between 16.06.2017 – 21.07.2017. The series is part of my practice led research for a PhD which investigates the relationship between photography and walking. 

The images are a series of decisive moments that in combination with each other mediate an experience of following a paths, trails, roads and beaches on foot. The accumulation of these moments moves away from the disembodied or distanced view of the landscape photographer, which has its origins in the Victorian landscape photography and instead focuses on flat planar surfaces using aerial perspective. This methodology and pictorial approach aligns photographic images with a cartographic language and way finding systems.

Walk 01: Jarrow to Primrose

Walk 02: Primrose to Boldon

Walk 03: Boldon to Whitburn

Walk 04: Whitburn to Sunderland